Sometimes I wonder if my life is really just a dream had by a monkey during a seizure

BONESAW is live.

To be honest, I’m pretty damn nervous about sharing this with the internet. Especially since my name is attached to the last page and all. This was my first real foray into comic making. I was tasked with building a story and telling it in 8 pages. I think it worked okay, though I did kind of stiff myself by using the last page as an end cover.

This story was compiled in the Kansai Gaidai Manga Circle quarterly printed-book-thingy. I’ll be giving out copies to my family for Christmas this year.

Inspired by cheesy creepypastas everywhere.


Anonymous asked: Do we still get to see some BONESAW?

Oh, hell yes. BONESAW is still going to come. It’s been done for a while now, but I’ve actually been waiting to get the physical, printed copy in my hands before I go putting the pages online. It’ll probably be up within the next week, since I’ll be receiving my copies of the printed compilation manga (self published) that includes BONESAW within the next few days.

I’m leaving Japan in 14 days.

Much exhaustion. So anime. Very kawaii. Wow.

"So what’s your favorite zombie show?"

"Attack on Titan."

Do you ever look down at your hands and just think “what the fuck are these things?” 

Sometimes when I do that for too long I get visible nervous by the way my thumb breaks the pattern created by the parallelness of my fingers.

I have 7 out of 8 pages inked of my first short story manga. It took coming to Japan to actually give me the confidence I needed to get into this medium. So much happy.

It’s called BONESAW, and may or may not be a yaoi. I’ll try to find somewhere good to upload the pages eventually and put a link here.

Dat Robot Voice

I want to pay Peter Cullen to come over to my house, drink tea, and talk at me about his day for several hours in his Optimus Prime voice.

Japan is filled with delicious things in small packages.

And also contracts.

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Like what even is Tumblr.

I’ve just been kind of putting up art here and sitting in the corner and being like “I hope someone notices me”

Lovely how that’s working out. Hey people, send me messages! Ask me about Japan or something. YEAH

So it took going to Japan to make me finally sit down and try to write a manga. How about that. Hey followers, sorry for being so boring. I just kind of fail at Tumblr.


Leaving for Japan in less than 24 hours. I’m pretty nervous. I think excitement will take over once I’m on the plane.
Anywho, I’m going to be studying there for a semester, so I may or may not be posting to tumblr much. I think I might put up a few photos here and there, but we’ll see. I suppose I’m trying to say that I’m leaving the option open to myself, but if I don’t end up posting anything I’ll be okay with that too.


Ugh that fucking back-right leg.

Ugh that fucking back-right leg.

Regina! I love pens. Pens make me so happy.

Regina! I love pens. Pens make me so happy.

Random Gurren Lagann Simon look-alike.

Random Gurren Lagann Simon look-alike.